How to be an Effective Chambermaid

A Chambermaid career falls under a broader category of Housekeeping Cleaners and Maids. The details that we are about to impart will apply to the said category but does not specifically apply to this job title.

The Job description for Maids and Housekeeping cleaners are as follows: A maid or a housekeeping cleaner regularly performs light cleaning duties to maintain order in commercial establishments such as hospitals, hotels, or private households.

On the other hand, several skills are required to pursue this type of career.  See the list below:

First, one must be Service Oriented. He or she must look for ways to constantly help people. An initiative is important to immediately respond to whatever is the customer’s need. Second is being Well-coordinated. A chambermaid must have the ability to adjust to one’s action.

Third, is being an Active Listener. To give a full attention to one’s suggestions or advice is a rare ability. One must take time to understand the main points, especially the questions being asked without any interruptions.  This skill should be partnered with the ability to “Speak.” Therefore, a person can effectively share information and details as to what is needed.  With that said it essential to be an effective speaker and listener.

Fourth is the ability to evaluate. One must know how to assess their self and strive to be better. Moreover, aside from the self is the other aspects where they can immediately take the corrective action.

Fifth is the Social Perceptiveness where one should be aware of others’ reactions and understanding, why they react as they do. Sixth, the most important one is Time Management. This is a skill to manage an individual’s personal time and others.

Lasts but not least are Critical Thinking and Reading Comprehension. Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents are, of course, a must.

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